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All of the artists listed below create the artwork sold by Mayflower as originals. Click on the name of an artist listed below to view their artwork.


A Cong (see artwork)
A French (see artwork)
A Gerald (see artwork)
A Kenny (see artwork)
A Kine (see artwork)
A Rogers (see artwork)
A Simms (see artwork)
A Stackin (see artwork)
Aiden (see artwork)
Aikebeer (see artwork)
» Biography:



Aikebeer is a 39 year old artist who currently resides in Beijing China with his wife. He is of Arabic and Chinese descent. His impressionistic technique is complimented by his vibrant color palette and his use of a palette knife combined with brush strokes. His unique perspective on lily ponds and floral scenes demonstrates a maturity in his artwork far beyond his 39 years.


Aiken (see artwork)
Alan Cote (see artwork)
Alberto (see artwork)
Allen S (see artwork)
Alto (see artwork)
Amordi Troll (see artwork)
Andre Juan (see artwork)
» Biography:

He was born in 1951 in Inchon, Koarea. He believed from an early age that it was his destiny to become a painter. When he was only a child, it was just after of the Korean War. There was no possibility of buying toys, and with other siblings to care for, he was forced to begin working at a very young age to help his family survive.

Art became one of his only escapes into a world of mystery, beauty and peace. His first art supplies were sticks, stones and sand- the only things he could afford. Whenever Juan had a free moment, he took to sketching figures and scenes in the land and sand. It brought him great joy. It would be several years before the very young artist could afford to splurge on real brushes and paints.

When he was in College student,he was exposed to the colorful paintings of Impressionist Claude Monet. He was so completely enthralled and transformed, that he spent the following years passionately learning how to paint in this fresh, airy, sunny style. After him graduating Seoul University, He moves to Academie de la Grand Chaumiere in Paris, France. He was been there many years with other young artists including Sam Park who is very well known artist in the world. Of course Juan’s style today reflects the inspiration of the French Impressionists.

He returned after he studied in Europe. He has won many awards and he has had solo exhibitions in Korea and word wide.

BFA at Seoul University, Seoul
Academie de la Grand Chaumiere, Paris, France

Selected and Solo Exhibition:
Gallery Art De Pierre, Hon fleur, France
Gallery of Caen University, Caen france
Gallery Aoyuma, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery Hyunda, Seoul, Korea
Art Expo, NY.2007

Golden Prize Danwon Fine Art Competition, Korea
Selected, Maren, La Vallee Competition, France

Andre Lauge (see artwork)
Andrew (see artwork)
Anena M (see artwork)
Ankiho (see artwork)
Annett Yon (see artwork)
Aristotle (see artwork)
Arport (see artwork)
Arthur Miller (see artwork)
Atorz (see artwork)
Azalea (see artwork)
B Borgetti (see artwork)
B Brushell (see artwork)
B Frank (see artwork)
B Goods (see artwork)
B Harvey (see artwork)
B Hendrix (see artwork)
B Jones (see artwork)
B Labasque (see artwork)
B Lynne (see artwork)
B Ray (see artwork)
B Roberts (see artwork)
B Roger (see artwork)
B Romney (see artwork)
B Rosati (see artwork)
B Trap (see artwork)
B Veil (see artwork)
B M S (see artwork)
B V Pho (see artwork)
B Y Ahn (see artwork)
» Biography:

 1955 – Born in Kyungbook, Korea
 1977 – Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Dong-Kook University

 1979 – Awarded the main prize for Korean Arts Grand Exhibition
 Awarded Golden Prize for MBC Grand Art Exhibition

 1980 – Displayed for the Exhibition of “mokwoo” Artists o9f Korean Oil Paintings Association
 1981 – Invited for Five Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition Seoul, Korea
 1982 – Invited for Fine Arts Exhibition Seoul, Korea

 Member of the Korean Fine Art Association
 Member of the Korean Oil Paintings Association



Barnes (see artwork)
Barrios (see artwork)
Bart Hava (see artwork)
Ben N (see artwork)
Bette Rein (see artwork)
Bobby (see artwork)
Brian D (see artwork)
Brian Nims (see artwork)
Bride (see artwork)
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Bruin Sienry (see artwork)
Brunell (see artwork)
Byung Young An (see artwork)
C Bertin (see artwork)
C Bonds (see artwork)
C Braun (see artwork)
C Cariani (see artwork)
C Carl (see artwork)
C Chialiva (see artwork)
C Eisenberg (see artwork)
C Garrett (see artwork)
C Giudiano (see artwork)
C Hick (see artwork)
C Jane (see artwork)
C Jones (see artwork)
C Lewis (see artwork)
C Lohman (see artwork)
C Love (see artwork)
C Martin (see artwork)
C Millet (see artwork)
C Mims (see artwork)
C Mollier (see artwork)
C Morley (see artwork)
C Roman (see artwork)
» Biography:

C. Roman (Korean, b. 1949)

C. Roman was born in Jeju, Korea on May 25, 1949. From a very young age, he was inspired by the beauty of his hometown of Jeju, located on the most beautiful island in Korea, to draw and paint oceans and flower fields. Roman received many awards from school art competitions and graduated from Jeju University with a major in oil painting.

In 1989, Roman joined an exhibition hosted by the Dongwoo Artist Association in the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art. He also participated in the Hwawoo Artist Exhibition in 1990 and the Sunday Artist Exhibition in 1991. Roman held a Solo Exhibition at Seoul Gallery in 1992 and another in 1995 at the Mayer Arts and Crafts Gallery. He also joined the Pine Tree Artist Group Exhibition in the Sejong Center in 1995. By 1998 he had earned a high reputation among art critics from the Yemi Artist Association. In 2000, he held an exhibition at Daebaek Plaza Gallery in Daegu, Korea.

Roman's painting uses clean and neat colors mixed with strong and soft brushstrokes. He finds inspiration from beautiful, natural settings. He enjoys painting contemporary styles. He is currently living in Seoul with his wife and children, and pursuing his artwork.

C Rordor (see artwork)
C Rosemary (see artwork)
C Soutter (see artwork)
C Stewart (see artwork)
C Tenleys (see artwork)
C Walter (see artwork)
C Haj To (see artwork)
C K Kim (see artwork)
Cai King (see artwork)
Calyn Kang (see artwork)
Castello (see artwork)
Claudia K (see artwork)
Clemis (see artwork)
Clemtiunus (see artwork)
Costa (see artwork)
Cougi (see artwork)
Cristel (see artwork)
D Diller (see artwork)
D Jackson (see artwork)
D Kanaidris (see artwork)
D Kanedino (see artwork)
D Lukenard (see artwork)
D Mizris (see artwork)
D Petersburg (see artwork)
D Pewter (see artwork)
D Richards (see artwork)
D Starke (see artwork)
D Taylor (see artwork)
Dahl (see artwork)
Dan Austine (see artwork)
» Biography:

Dan Austine is an extraordinary landscape artist. His artworks metaphorically represent finding or following the light in a journey. The setting takes place usually in a forest or pathway. Dan Austine uses deep rich colors that add warmth and depth to the art piece. He uses short brush strokes almost like dots and blends them beautifully. He also masterfully contrasts dark and light and paints shadows that create a mysterious yet serene ambiance. Dan Austine is able to successfully capture the beauty as well as the atmosphere in his landscapes.


Dan Hayes (see artwork)
Dan Lo (see artwork)
Dan Matino (see artwork)
Dan Thomas (see artwork)
Daniel Sim (see artwork)
Danmier (see artwork)
Daren (see artwork)
David T (see artwork)
Dawson (see artwork)
DC Kim (see artwork)
» Biography:

D.C. Kim (Korean, b. 1954)
Dae-Chun Kim was born in Pusan, Korea in 1954. Kim graduated from Hong-Ik University, with a major in oil painting. While attending college in 1974, he won an award in an art competition that was hosted by "Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism" in DukSu Palace. That event became an important motivation for him to become a great artist. In 1975, he became recognized as a famous artist in Korea when his art work, "The life of Sakyamuni" was published in the Buddhism Newspaper. As a student, his love of art grew as he studied the techniques of many impressionistic styles from around the world.
After Kim graduated from college in 1976, he received third place in the Gusang Art Exhibition. He was widely recognized as an oil painting artist when, in 1977, he was awarded the great honor of first place from the Buddhism Art Exhibition at the Hyundai Art Gallery in Seoul. After graduation, Kim pursued his dream of becoming an artist. Like many great artists, he traveled in search of inspiration and the perfect subject. He has traveled to the United States, Mexico, Japan, England, Italy, and France. Kim's love of landscapes is shown vividly through his artwork. He has developed his painting style to express his love of European landscaping, especially the Mediterranean Sea and English gardens. He expresses lifelike landscapes through impressionistic styles with a combination of strong and soft brushstrokes. Kim doesn't limit himself just to one
landscape; he also paints old buildings rich with flowers with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. He especially likes to paint the "Colmar" street alleys and "Aix Provence" from France.
Kim's masterpieces are popularized by his delightful and vibrant choice of colors. Kim brings out the sense of peace in his landscapes and a cozy warm feeling in his French and Italian street scenes. One notices the appreciation of life and nature Kim instills unto his paintings. In his 30 years of painting, Kim has accumulated numerous accolades. His work has been displayed in a countless number of exhibitions including Hyundai Art Gallery in Korea, Gallery Birmingham in London, Mokwoo Artist Festival, Gusang Art Festival, the Didimdol Artist Association, Exhibition at Seoul Art Center, Fine Art Pavilion at Atlanta Decor Expo, and International Artexpo New York.

Dean Moyer (see artwork)
Denber (see artwork)
Dominico (see artwork)
Donnelly (see artwork)
Douglas (see artwork)
Drayer (see artwork)
DS Kim (see artwork)
» Biography:

Dong Sool Kim was born on August 15, 1961. As his grandfather was an art professor at a local university, painting was perhaps an inborn talent Dong Sool held within himself. While in middle school, his art teacher noticed his talent in art and recommended further training. That was when the young artist began experimenting with pastels and watercolors. After furthering his art studies, Dong Sool graduated from Pusan Art High School. In 1983, Dong Sool received a degree from the Dong A University of Art. In 1985, he became an art instructor for the Art Institute in Korea where he worked for three years. In 1986, D.S. Kim exhibited in Seoul Gallery as a member of the Seoul International Arts Association. In 1987, he participated in and painted abroad for the Artist Exchange Program for Korea, Japan and China. In 1988, Dong Sool traveled throughout Europe to continue his studies and development of his sketches and paintings. In 1989, he resided in Paris, France and in the Province of South France. In 1990, Kim stayed in Paris and participated in art exhibitions which included exhibits at Avignon Gallery and Vincent Gallery. In 1991, he participated in “The Great Art Exhibition” for the Korean government. In 1993, Dong Sool exhibited as a member of a realistic and modern art group in the Seoul Realistic Art Exhibit. Since early 1997, D.S. Kim has traveled throughout the United States, further developing and creating sketches and paintings.

D.S. Kim has works on public display at the following locations:
Office of the President of Yea Won Publishing Company
Office of the District Attorney Myung Soo Lim
Office of Congressman Bu Young Lee

E Charzack (see artwork)
E Collins (see artwork)
E Jarmaricos (see artwork)
E Jarvis (see artwork)
» Biography:

E. Jarvis (1966-   )

E. Jarvis was born in 1966. Jarvis was exposed to art at a young age and notes that his earliest experience was through watching a History Channel documentary on 19th Century French Realist painter, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. Camille Corot was, in a sense, the spark that lit Jarvis’s interest in painting. At 9 years old, Jarvis was awarded 1st place at the Ji Lin Province Painting Exhibition. Included in the prize was a scholarship to the Children’s Palace Painting Program. Jarvis’s earned privilege provided many opportunities, but the most important was a chance to exhibit his work at a very young age, an invaluable experience that eventually led to Jarvis’s admission into the pristine Yin Bian College painting program in 1986. Jarvis graduated from Yin Bian in 1990, and quickly began to submit work to exhibitions throughout China. In 1991, Jarvis took 2nd prize at the Chinese Art Exhibition. Since then Jarvis has exhibited in the Beijing International Art Fair and entered the US market via the New York Art Expo.

E Wendt (see artwork)
Edgar Barrios (see artwork)
» Biography:

Edgar Barrios___________________________________________________

Barrios was born in Tacna, Peru in 1960. He graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Peru (ENBA) in 1990. Barrios also studied craftsmanship, batik, macramé, leather embossing and ceramics painting. He obtained an Honorable Mention in his drawing class in 1989 at ENBA.

Group Exhibitions:
 1989 “Dibujo” Oechsle Gallery, Lima
 1990 ENBA Class ’89 – Drawing, Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery ICPNA, Lima
 1990 “Nueva Generacion” San Borja Community Center
 1990 “451st Anniversary of Huanuco”, Club Huanuco
 1991 “Comienzos”, Carrera Art Gallery, Lima
 1991 “Vivencias”, Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery ICPNA, Lima
 1998 Exhibition at the Stella Maris Association


Elizabeth J (see artwork)
Enoch (see artwork)
Eugenio C (see artwork)
Eva Q (see artwork)
F Adan (see artwork)
F Adanis (see artwork)
F Barrain (see artwork)
F Bishott (see artwork)
F Blake (see artwork)
F Lopez (see artwork)
F Simmons (see artwork)
F Tailroy (see artwork)
F Thomas (see artwork)
F Zair (see artwork)
Fazzino (see artwork)
» Biography:

Fazzino __________________________

(Sung-Min Kim / Korean, b. 1983)

Sung-Min Kim was born on April 27, 1983 in Korea. He was raised by a family of
nationally and internationally renowned artists, including his father Dae-Chun Kim and
his Uncles J. Pascal and Kwang-Gang Kim. When Kim was 9 years old, he was
diagnosed with leukemia and struggled with the illness for three years. He was able to
recover with the help of his caring family. Since that time he has lived with a thankful
heart for his caring father, who is also his excellent teacher.

When Kim was a middle school student, a friend of his was studying to enter an Art High School. He decided to join his friend in studying at an art studio. During this time he realized his fascination with art. Kim attended Kyung-Bok Art High School. While there, his teacher recognized his talent and recommended him to participate in the Hong-Ik University art competition. Eventually he became a student at Hong-Ik University, one of the best art colleges in Korea, and studied dessin, the study of light values in black and white drawing, and crokey, quick line sketching. Kim also studied visual communication design in An-Yang Technical College. He earned a place among the honor students, by recommendation of his professor, to participate in a college exhibition in 2002. He was prized at the Kyung-Ki Art Competition in 2003 and the Korean Design Show in 2004.

Kim is pursuing a new style of oil painting incorporating long, rough touches with knife
and brush. He prefers using rectangle and round shapes in his paintings. He uses quick,
rough motions with palette knives and mixes many colors and rough textures. He doesn't
like his artwork to be too detailed or too vague, but instead finds beauty in straight lines
and geometric shapes.

Ferdy Juan (see artwork)
» Biography:

Ferdy Juan (1949 -     )

Ferdy Juan was born in Puerto Naos in 1949. His family was a typical middle class family with few financial worries. Growing up in the house built by his father on the ocean had a lasting and visible impact on Juan’s art. The image of miles of clean, white sand and high cliffs mirroring the ocean on the beach was “engraved in my soul as something of extraordinary beauty I will never forget in all my life.”
Juan studied architecture at the La Laguna University but after a year turned to art entering the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, graduating as a painter.
He traveled much, staying a few years in New York’s Lower East Side, a neighborhood of artists, writers and bohemians. Now living in his homeland, Juan retires early, rises early to paint, does not smoke or drink and lives his love, painting.

Filippo (see artwork)
Fleurdale (see artwork)
Flores (see artwork)
Forman (see artwork)
Fran T (see artwork)
Frank Thomas (see artwork)
Franklin B (see artwork)
Fredman (see artwork)
Furte Seiz (see artwork)
G Cook (see artwork)
G Foxx (see artwork)
G Jane (see artwork)
G Kent (see artwork)
G Parrocel (see artwork)
G Pike (see artwork)
G Porte (see artwork)
G Reynolds (see artwork)
G Rossi (see artwork)
G Ruosso (see artwork)
G Shaw (see artwork)
G Stein (see artwork)
G Sullivan (see artwork)
G Sutton (see artwork)
G Wiley (see artwork)
G Wilkens (see artwork)
G Wilson (see artwork)
G Young (see artwork)
G R Bran (see artwork)
Gary Q (see artwork)
Gerald M P (see artwork)
Gibsom (see artwork)
Guilder Beve (see artwork)
Guy Covian (see artwork)
H Assteyn (see artwork)
H Brickman (see artwork)
H Bridgman (see artwork)
H Carson (see artwork)
H Ken (see artwork)
H Wilson (see artwork)
Hamilton (see artwork)
Han Chang (see artwork)
» Biography:


Han-Chul Chang was born in Pusan, Korea in 1952. 

Chang knew from an early age that there was a deep longing to express his creativity through painting. Even at an early age his talent was undeniable. Chang showed a passionate dedication to sketching and drawing throughout his school years, which provided a foundation for his later work. 

Chang is primarily a self-taught artist. His subtle use of light and shadows along with his understanding of color allows him to breathe life into everyday scenes. From 1983 to 1991, Chang perfected his craft in oil painting at the Eugene art studio in Korea. Most of his paintings come from photographs of places where he has traveled. When he chooses a subject to paint it is usually because it has touched him in a certain way, creating emotions or a mood that he wants to convey through his art. He admires the beautiful landscapes and the classic architecture of the old buildings. The majority of Chang's paintings are set in Eze, St. Paul de Vence and the Provence. 

Chang has exhibited his artwork at Tokyo International Art Fair in 1993 and the Art Florida in 2000. He also participated in the International Artexpo in New York from 2000 to 2005. This opportunity opened the door for Chang to enter into the hearts of American art collectors who have become charmed by his breathtaking still lifes and they look forward to his continued excellent work.

Han Ying (see artwork)
Hancor (see artwork)
Harris (see artwork)
Harvey (see artwork)
Henry (see artwork)
Henry Kim (see artwork)
Hertz (see artwork)
Hurllpo (see artwork)
I Epper (see artwork)
I Roman (see artwork)
Isley (see artwork)
J Aarsen (see artwork)
J Augustine (see artwork)
J Bird (see artwork)
J Bischoff (see artwork)
J Dupre (see artwork)
J Ellis (see artwork)
J Evans (see artwork)
J Gather (see artwork)
J Goldberg (see artwork)
J Green (see artwork)
J Haigner (see artwork)
J Howell (see artwork)
J King (see artwork)
J Murray (see artwork)
J Norton (see artwork)
J Palmer (see artwork)
J Ramos (see artwork)
J Riley (see artwork)
J Rivers (see artwork)
J Roubar (see artwork)
J Scott (see artwork)
J Sullivan (see artwork)
J Turner (see artwork)
J Young (see artwork)
J C Miller (see artwork)
J J Vixon (see artwork)
J M (see artwork)
Jack (see artwork)
Jae B (see artwork)
James Ink (see artwork)
Jameson (see artwork)
Jamie Lisa (see artwork)
» Biography:

Jamie Lisa was born in Jeonnam, Korea in 1956.

At an early age she began to draw and paint images of the lush Korean countryside.

She loved the colors and beauty of nature, especially floral landscapes. Lisa enjoys painting the colorful countryside of Provence and Tuscany. Hills dappled with small cottages nestled in a grove of trees, fields of sunflowers, lavender and poppies are her favorite subject matters. Her use of color is superb and her technique of using thick application of paint on the canvas adds a tremendous amount of depth to her paintings. Lisa also enjoys painting colorful and abundant bouquets of flowers.

The colors burst from the canvas and evoke a sense of happiness from the viewer. Once again the artist uses bold brush strokes and a thick application of paint to give the composition wonderful depth and dimension.

She has won over 7 awards and honors in the National Student Fine Art Competition in Seoul, Korea. She is a Recipient of the Special Prize at both the Competition of Fine Art at Hong-Ik University and the Korean Women Fine Art Exhibition at Sejong Cultural Center, Korea.

Lisa is a member of the Korean Fine Art Association, and the Korean Women Oil Paintings Association. Her artwork has been in many exhibitions such as the Korean Modern Arts Grand Exhibition in Seoul, Korea, the Korean Women Fine Art Exhibition at Insadong Gallery, and the Eastern Asian Fine Art Exhibition at Seoul Art Gallery.

Jamie P (see artwork)
» Biography:


Jamie P was born in Woon-Joo, Kangwondo. Because her father was in the military and was often subject to transfers, most of her early childhood was spent moving frequently from place to place. Understandably, she had a difficult time constantly adjusting to new environments. One day, her parents decided to send her to her uncle who lived in Seoul. In Korea, it was very popular for parents to send their children to Seoul for a better education. Jamie was her uncle’s favorite niece and he loved her greatly. Since he did not have any children of his own, Jamie’s uncle was more than happy to accept her as a new member of his home. Throughout her early academic career, she demonstrated great talent in art and was awarded with many prizes at art competitions. Finally, she realized her destiny as an artist and decided to go to Art College. Jamie’s uncle, however, was stubbornly opposed to her becoming an artist. Although he had majored in art at the prestigious Tokyo University in Japan, Jamie’s uncle remained opposed to a career in art for his niece. Following her uncle’s wishes, Jamie enrolled in nursing school. Although she was dedicated nursing student, she still pursued her passion to paint through her club activities. Whenever people praised her talent and encouraged her career as an artist, she found herself in turmoil. Instead of completing her nursing education, Jamie followed her heart, went back to Art College, and got her degree in art education. She wanted to discover people who had a similar passion for painting and help them to develop their talents and interests as she had. Teaching, however, did not stop her from painting. A former professor introduced her to a gallery, and she soon began painting for that gallery. While she was painting, she met another artist who painted for various galleries in America. This new friendship opened a new opportunity for Jamie’s work to be introduced in America.

Jan Justin (see artwork)
Janisa (see artwork)
Jasper (see artwork)
Jay Dorman (see artwork)
Jerry Sharp (see artwork)
Jesse Phillips (see artwork)
Jiles R (see artwork)
Jim C (see artwork)
Jim Huff (see artwork)
Jim Sloan (see artwork)
Joaquin J (see artwork)
John A (see artwork)
John Cox (see artwork)
John Kuhu (see artwork)
John Pulliaz (see artwork)
John Sloan (see artwork)
John Spark (see artwork)
John V (see artwork)
John Young (see artwork)
Johnson (see artwork)
Jones (see artwork)
Jony Falk (see artwork)
Juarez (see artwork)
Julius (see artwork)
Jun Dai (see artwork)
Jungnam Yoon (see artwork)
» Biography:


Jungnam is a Korean artist born in Kae Sung in 1944. He has painted under the name Max Yoon in America.
During his early days in school, Yoon was torn by two loves. His mother harbored an appreciation for drawing as well as other art forms and she imparted this love to her son. Yoon’s second love was the bass guitar and his jazz band. During his early years, Yoon was pressed to find time for both of his muses and excelled in both. The time came when the young man faced a choice. Yoon chose music but the paths of his two passions were meant to merge again…..
After 12 years playing jazz, Yoon injured his hand seriously and once again began to draw. He states, “All arts have something in common, influencing each other and forming synergy between them.” Today some viewers remark that you can hear the sound of soft jazz flowing from his work on canvas.
Incorporating a series of pallet knives, each individual stroke of Yoon’s technique is made with deliberate precision. A finished piece is composed primarily in texture, allowing the viewer to feel the layout with their eyes. Yoon’s color pallet possesses a limitless full dark to light range.
Even though some of his subjects are not real places, Yoon attempts to convey a message of enduring hope and beauty of our natural world through his work.

K Arms (see artwork)
K Brooks (see artwork)
K Hart (see artwork)
K Homes (see artwork)
K Japira (see artwork)
K Martin (see artwork)
K Morr (see artwork)
K Noni (see artwork)
K Pierre (see artwork)
K Riles (see artwork)
K Scott (see artwork)
K Seeley (see artwork)
K Shava (see artwork)
K Sneal (see artwork)
K Stales (see artwork)
K Williams (see artwork)
K Wotiz (see artwork)
K C Cho (see artwork)
Karen Burger (see artwork)
Karl Alexander (see artwork)
Karl B (see artwork)
Kelner (see artwork)
Ken L (see artwork)
Kensett (see artwork)
Kerkhover (see artwork)
Kerry Gillert (see artwork)
Kevin Okeefe (see artwork)
Keyaz Ban (see artwork)
Krutus (see artwork)
Kurt (see artwork)
Kurt Alexander (see artwork)
L Burk (see artwork)
L Butts (see artwork)
L Chambers (see artwork)
L Latimer (see artwork)
L Monttini (see artwork)
L Moss (see artwork)
L Norris (see artwork)
L Ross (see artwork)
L Shari (see artwork)
L Stewart (see artwork)
L Storek (see artwork)
L Thompson (see artwork)
Larry (see artwork)
Laura (see artwork)
Lawrence E (see artwork)
Ldayza (see artwork)
Lee (see artwork)
Leeo Bven (see artwork)
Lentowski (see artwork)
Lisa Green (see artwork)
Lisa M (see artwork)
Lopesalado (see artwork)
Lopez (see artwork)
Lou Mallet (see artwork)
Louyza (see artwork)
M Adams (see artwork)
M Donley (see artwork)
M Gestel (see artwork)
M Raui (see artwork)
Mac Bride (see artwork)
Mack B (see artwork)
Maison (see artwork)
Marcello (see artwork)
Maren (see artwork)
Mark P (see artwork)
Mary K (see artwork)
Mary Jo Jon (see artwork)
Matt Damon (see artwork)
Matt Thomas (see artwork)
Mi Gying Pusk (see artwork)
Michael Dekeat (see artwork)
Morante (see artwork)
Mortem (see artwork)
MP Elliott (see artwork)
MS Park (see artwork)
» Biography:

M.S. Park was born August 11, 1951 in Eum-Sung, Chung-Buk, Korea.

He did not begin to paint until he was 26 years old, when he was encouraged to develop his skill at pencil sketching seascapes and garden scenes. In 1977, he began training at the I.A.D. Company near his home and moved to painting with oils.

He became successful in Korea with his paintings of lush gardens and woodlands, full of detail, intense color and deep textures. Park is quiet and introverted, preferring to read books and listen to music in his off-hours. However, his love of the brush and his desire to become famous and successful both in Korea and the United States leaves little time for relaxation. Married, with a 22 year old daughter, Park has exhibited at the Korea Artists Exhibition in Seoul, the Inchon Cultural Art Center, and has traveled within the United States, sketching scenes to be captured later on canvas.

He is a member of the Korea Art Association.

N Cain (see artwork)
N Carson (see artwork)
N Oppenheimer (see artwork)
N Schkads (see artwork)
N Stevens (see artwork)
N Wang (see artwork)
Navarro (see artwork)
Neil (see artwork)
Nex Shuvado (see artwork)
Nicolle Hart (see artwork)
Nigel (see artwork)
O Mancini (see artwork)
O Trengi (see artwork)
Oscar Higgins (see artwork)
P Bell (see artwork)
P Burk (see artwork)
P Charles (see artwork)
P Hendry (see artwork)
P Jacobs (see artwork)
P Kamaskio (see artwork)
P Kask (see artwork)
P Luiz (see artwork)
P Mize (see artwork)
P Pumice (see artwork)
P Statke (see artwork)
Padilla (see artwork)
Paul Woods (see artwork)
Paulo K (see artwork)
Peter Green (see artwork)
Pipert (see artwork)
Pissert (see artwork)
Piuliaz (see artwork)
Pompano (see artwork)
Pratt (see artwork)
Pudenis (see artwork)
Pullinoz (see artwork)
Q Shuw (see artwork)
R Cain (see artwork)
R Cullpper (see artwork)
R Dinor (see artwork)
R Harris (see artwork)
R Hobitz (see artwork)
R Jones (see artwork)
R Keel (see artwork)
R Moss (see artwork)
R Neer (see artwork)
R Scott (see artwork)
R Simonini (see artwork)
R Simpson (see artwork)
R Spears (see artwork)
R Stevens (see artwork)
R T (see artwork)
R Thomas (see artwork)
R Thompson (see artwork)
Ray Boren (see artwork)
Reinaldo Juan (see artwork)
Reyes (see artwork)
Ricardo Luciano (see artwork)
Richard Smith (see artwork)
» Biography:
Richard Smith lives in Bonney Lake Washington. He enjoys travel and each place he visits provides inspiration for his art. He travels to Alaska frequently and his roots are deep there. He was born in western Alaska and lived in several places throughout the state as he grew up. For many years, starting in the sailboat era, he was a salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay. As a child he watched his mother use her oil paints and begged until she let him paint with her. He chose a career as a dentist and his emergence as an artist came later in life. Three years of formal art training and four years with a studio group gave him the technical foundation for his art.

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Born in Beijing, China in 1963, Jusics showed promise at an early age, painting scenes of nature and animals. His parents encouraged him and by age 9, Jusics was receiving lessons from Xu Kuang, a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts where Jusics was enrolled in middle school.
Jusics is a graduate of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and has won many awards for his paintings. He has shown in galleries in China, Singapore, New York and San Francisco.
Jusics is married and has one son.

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Stu Bifry (see artwork)
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Stu Bifry was born J. Cui on January 16, 1966. Cui was exposed to art at a young age and notes his earliest experience was through watching a History Channel documentary on the 19th Century French Realist painter, Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. Camille Corot was, in a sense, the spark that lit Cui’s interest in painting. At the age of 9, Cui was awarded 1st place at the Ji Lin Province Painting Exhibition. Included within the prize awarded was a scholarship to the Children’s Palace Painting Program. Cui’s earned privilege provided him many opportunities, but the most important was a chance to exhibit his work at a very young age. This was an invaluable experience that eventually led to Cui’s admission into the prestigious Yin Bian College painting program in 1986. Cui graduated from Yin Bian in 1990 and quickly began to submit his work to exhibitions throughout China. In 1992, Cui took 2nd prize at the Chinese Art Exhibition for his work entitled “The Lake Under the Moon”, which traveled all over China with the Exhibition. Since that time, Cui has exhibited in the Beijing International Art Fair 1993-1995 and entered the U.S. market via the New York Art Expo showroom 2002-2004.

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Painting for over 30 years, Van Matino, paints to express moods; "To capture certain feelings or moods rather than the obvious image". Along with a myriad of artists, he is most inspired by Monet, specifically his mastery of color, light and impressions. However, his initial inspiration came by coincidence.

His father's close friend happened to be a painter. As a result, they frequently visited the friend, Mr. Park, at his studio. He recalls the distinct smell of an artist's studio, especially the oil colour. Soon, Van Matino, was intrigued by all that is oil painting. He insists the colors created from the oils have persuaded him to painting. Soon it became a positive source for expressing his creativity.

Van Matino enjoys painting an array of different subjects, but currently favors still life. When asked what his favorite color was, he paused. His wife was quick to answer, "brown!" He agreed with her and said he currently is partial to earth tones.

Not only does Van Matino paint to express moods but also to illicit a feeling of overall happiness from his family. He met his wife in an art class; they share an interest in painting. Since then, she continues to provide invaluable critiques of his works. Together they travel with their daughter, hiking and appreciating nature.

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Jungham Yoon is a Korean artist born in Kae Sung in 1944. He painted under the name Max Yoon in America. During his early days in school, Yoon was torn by two loves. His mother harbored an appreciation for drawing as well as other art forms and she imparted this love to her son. Yoon’s second love was the bass guitar and his jazz band. All during his early years, Yoon was pressed to find time for both of his muses and excelled in both. The time came when the young man faced a choice; Yoon chose music. These two paths, though, we soon meant to meet again. After twelve years playing jazz, Yoon injured his hand seriously and once again began to draw. He states, “All arts have something in common, influencing each other and forming synergy between them.” Today, Yoon remarks that some viewers of his work have commented that they can hear the sound of soft jazz flowing from the canvas. Incorporating a series of pallet knives, each individual stroke of Yoon’s technique is made with deliberate precision. A finished piece is composed primarily in texture, allowing the viewer to feel the layout with their eyes. Yoon’s color pallet possesses a limitless full dark to light range, creating tremendous contrast. Subtly hinted blues reduce the shock of reds and greens. Deep dark purples create shadows and ghostly yellow and translucent white highlight the greens of hidden grassy hollows. Yoon’s subjects attempt to capture the unreachable perfection of our imaginations. Nowhere on earth will you find any of Yoon’s secret forest glades and hidden dreamscape gardens. Typically, sharply focused foreground shades lead into a glorious highlighted area, before once again darkening to the mysterious depths beyond. Yoon’s trees are alive with brilliant, true to life texture. Copious foliage formed by hundreds of tiny individually placed leaves usurp perfectly balanced backgrounds; His pathways are invitingly real, touched by fragmented light that knifes through the greenery. Suggestions of farmhouses, columns, and potted flowers occasionally blend into the landscape but never impose on the harmony of the piece. He comments that it has long been a human obsession to possess nature’s wild touch by forcing our will on God’s canvas. Even though some of his subjects are not real places, Yoon attempts to convey a message of enduring hope and beauty of our natural world through his work.

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